Honey Sesame Fritters – an Archaeology Gastronomy Recipe

This week we made a snack eaten by men at symposia - honey sesame fritters.  Symposia were Ancient Greek drinking parties and we agreed these sweet, greasy American style pancakes would be just the thing to help soak up the excess alcohol!

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Baked Fish with Cheese – an Archaeology Gastronomy recipe

This recipe comes from Art of Cookery, a cookbook written by an ancient Greek called Mithaecus.  The original recipe had one line: gut, cut off head and discard, rinse, serve with olive oil and cheese.  We’ve done a little bit more!

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Cookbooks – a Random Recipe Challenge

This month’s random recipe challenge is something a little different

Instead of choosing a recipe according to Dom‘s strict instructions for random selection, he asked us to invite fellow bloggers and readers into our houses to where we keep our cookbooks.

Although I blogged about our kitchen last year I didn’t post any photos, so here is a little blurry tour of my bookshelves.

Top left: address books, Jessica’s DVDs (& some of Jonathan’s, now I look closely), books about wine, cocktails and parenting.  The whiskey and champagne containers are sadly now empty – I use them to store fondue skewers, chopsticks and cutlery for large parties.

Bottom left: Jamie, Nigella, clips and cuttings, pens, scissors and a photo of me and my best friend when we were much younger.

Here’s a close up of the card…

Top right: Nigel, my notebooks, cakes and muffins.  The space is where Good to the Grain usually lives – it’s currently on a trip to C’s house.  48 wine glasses live in the large brown box (we do like to throw large parties).

Bottom right: curries, Good Housekeeping, Delia (the white books are How to Cook).


In the corner: Jonathan’s Christmas present (my husband has a thing for knives), a couple of books about Ancient Greece, cookery books I’m borrowing (I promise to give it back soon Rachael) and my sister’s friend’s latest book which I haven’t got round to reading yet.

I watch a lot of random recorded trash on TV as I cook.  DVDs step in when its just too trashy – the West Wing is by far my favourite box set.


And as we’re taking about reading material, I couldn’t miss out the fridge.  Invitations, bus timetable, newsletters, programme for Café 2012, shopping lists, photographs, postcards – actually it needs a good clear out by the looks of it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneaky peek into no 41.  To see some more, check out Archaeology Gastronomy when I cook various recipes in front of the camera.


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