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Bulgur Wheat with Salmon & Red Pepper

Rumour has it this lovely weather isn’t going to last.  Boo!  My spirits are always lifted by blue skies, bright sunshine and not having to wear boots in order to step outside without freezing my toes off. We’ve made the … Continue reading

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Sticky spicy almonds

It has been absolutely gorgeous here this weekend – plenty of blue skies and sunshine. Our cherry blossom tells us spring is here and the warm air pulls us outside without coats, hats or scarves.  We inhale the fresh air … Continue reading

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Poppyseed and Garlic Cream Crackers

Last night we had a semi-impromptu feast.  Cheese and wine with some of our neighbours, arranged just a couple of days beforehand (which is quite spontaneous for lives-by-the-list me!).  Everyone brought a bottle with their favourite cheese and I provided … Continue reading

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