Archaeology Gastronomy

Feasting throughout history!

My good friend Marc runs a fantastic company called Archaeosoup Productionsa multi-faceted public education enterprise which seeks to increase public awareness of archaeology and our remarkable shared heritage.

Living in the north east of England, I am surrounded by history, and with a passionate archaeologist married to one of your best friends, it is perhaps inevitable that I’ve developed more than a passing interest in what ingredients our ancestors had access to how, how they cooked and what they ate.

Archaeaosoup has its own YouTube channel and in a moment of weakness I agreed to step in front of the camera and cook a selection of ancient recipes as part of a new video series ‘Archaeology Gastronomy – feasting throughout history’.

So if you’d like to know what people used to eat and how easy (or difficult) it is to recreate these dishes, or maybe just peek inside the kitchen here at 41 feasts, try Archaeology Gastronomy and feast throughout history with us.

Honey Glazed Prawns – Ancient Greeks Part 1

Baked fish with cheese – Ancient Greeks Part 2

Honey Sesame Fritters – Ancient Greeks Part 3

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