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When I married my (very tolerant) husband my mother not only welcomed Jonathan into our family, she gave me leave to build my own.  “Remember, your family are the people inside your house when you lock your door at night.”

Over the years there has been a scattering of front doors, a myriad of bad hair days and there’s been room for more chocolate martinis (there’s always room for a chocolate martini) but her words hold true: if you are in our house, you’re family.

And I do like to feed my family.  Breakfast waffles for my niece and nephew, pies for my husband, pizza for my daughter (and me!), meatballs for my brother in law, muffins and brownies for my friends.

Is every rich or abundant meal a feast? Unquestionably!

Is every feast a rich or abundant meal?  Well…

A feast can be as simple as warm bread smeared with creamy butter and sprinkled with a little salt.  Or tomato soup anointed with garlic oil and adorned with a sprig of basil.  A glistening chocolate martini with a plump strawberry or raspberry sitting on the edge of the glass (we seem to be back to chocolate martinis again..)

A feast is food that brings delight to the senses, plentiful in flavour, rich in colour and lively in texture.  A feast is food shared with family and friends.

So why 41 feasts?

41 is the number on our front door.  Inside No. 41 families and friends feast together.  We share, we rejoice, we mourn, we live.  41 feasts is an extension of our house (probably just as chaotic but hopefully without the piles of laundry).  Come inside and let’s feast!

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  1. Sinead says:

    Really enjoy reading through your posts, such a great mix of recipes :-)

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