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Lentil Soup – an Archaeology Gastronomy Recipe

For the last in our Ancient Greece series we looked at more frugal food – poorer people cooked with legumes such as lentils.  This soup is filling; the five cloves of garlic ensure its not bland.  And finally – a … Continue reading

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Honey Sesame Fritters – an Archaeology Gastronomy Recipe

This week we made a snack eaten by men at symposia – honey sesame fritters.  Symposia were Ancient Greek drinking parties and we agreed these sweet, greasy American style pancakes would be just the thing to help soak up the excess … Continue reading

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Baked Fish with Cheese – an Archaeology Gastronomy recipe

This recipe comes from Art of Cookery, a cookbook written by an ancient Greek called Mithaecus.  The original recipe had one line: gut, cut off head and discard, rinse, serve with olive oil and cheese.  We’ve done a little bit more!

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