Haggis Pizza

A couple of weeks ago a tweet of mine about a new pizza dough recipe inspired a conversation about ‘different’ pizzas my pharmacy friends had experienced over the years. Days later, when I realised I was still thinking about haggis pizza I knew I had to make one.  As you can see from the photo, we made three.

First – spinach, haggis and egg.  A great flavour combination, but with our super flat crispy pizza dough, a little on the dry side.

Next – tomato sauce, haggis and mozzarella.  We weren’t sure about haggis and cheese, but mozzarella was a good choice – its flavour complements rather than overpowers the haggis.

Finally a combination – tomato sauce, spinach, mushrooms (we had some), haggis and mozzarella.  Probably the best (while there is no such thing as too much pizza at no 41, there was maybe a touch too much haggis on our pizza that night).

In conclusion, haggis pizza isn’t that ‘different’.  Next time you fancy a carnivorous alternative, why not consider it?

You’ll find our standard pizza recipe here.  I sometimes use bread flour, or a ratio of four -fifths plain/bread flour and one fifth semolina flour.  Cook your haggis first.

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3 Responses to Haggis Pizza

  1. Kathryn says:

    I’ve never eaten haggis at all, let alone on a pizza. Consider me intrigued!

  2. Well, I really like haggis. Of course, I like pizza. I’m seriously thinking about haggis pizza. It does look good, but maybe I need to think about it a bit more….

  3. Ok, Haggis Pizza has definitely caught my attention. Never heard of haggis on pizza and want to, need to, try this.

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