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Pasta with Chorizo and Mushroom Cream sauce

I’m working this weekend.  To be brutally honest, I don’t like giving up my weekends. We sometimes take the opportunity to visit friends or, with a toddler that doesn’t much enjoy long car journeys, more often just spend time together … Continue reading

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Lamb, sumac & lemon meatballs

I’ve written before about how much I love making and eating meatballs – friends and family often say its my signature dish.  For a while I was even called ‘the meatball lady’ by a small three year old. Looking through … Continue reading

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Poppyseed and Garlic Cream Crackers

Last night we had a semi-impromptu feast.  Cheese and wine with some of our neighbours, arranged just a couple of days beforehand (which is quite spontaneous for lives-by-the-list me!).  Everyone brought a bottle with their favourite cheese and I provided … Continue reading

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