Fish Tacos from The Homesick Texan

Fried Chicken Livers, Mango Salsa, Fish Tacos & Red Cabbage Slaw

In 2011 I was the lucky recipient of 11 new recipe books.  Although all have been read from cover to cover, only a few have been blessed with splatters on more than one page, and too many are yet to be introduced to the business side of no 41′s kitchen.  (The sharp eyed amongst you will see there are only ten books in the photo – a late Christmas present sneaked into the kitchen after I took this shot.)

So in order to justify 12 new recipe books in 2012 (it sounds right, doesn’t it?) I need to ensure these books are thoroughly tested and either become well loved members of the family or passed on to a more appreciative cook.  So here goes with a recipe from The Homesick Texan.

Given the choice, I always choose food that is on the spicy side.  I blame my parents. When I was two or three years old I apparently told my mother that my chilli con carne was ‘hot, mummy hot!’.  She suggested I blow on it.  It was only when they ate it themselves later that evening did my mother realise what I meant.  By then, my taste buds were well and truly done for!

Lisa’s blog is one of my favourites and I have thumbed through her book many times trying to decide what to cook first.  After our Christmas poultry excesses I was drawn to these fish tacos, especially as my lovely local deli, mmm… put aside some dried guajillo chiles for me.

Light and spicy, quick to cook and wrapped in tortillas, we’ll be making these again.  I didn’t like the red cabbage slaw so much but the mango salsa was really refreshing.

Lisa’s recipe states 6 dried chiles but we thought 3 was plenty. If you’re not lucky to live near a deli as great as mmm… I think you could substitute any chile. In fact I struggled to blend the reconstituted guajillo chiles into a smooth paste so am considering using fresh chiles next time round.

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2 Responses to Fish Tacos from The Homesick Texan

  1. Kathryn says:

    Although I don’t have Lisa’s book, I love the blog but I still haven’t made anything from it which is a really poor showing. We both love tex-mex food so you’ve inspired me to hunt out something to make for this week!

  2. Nicola says:

    Tex-Mex is good in this cold weather (let’s be honest its good in any weather!) – I’ve not made much from Lisa’s blog, but since we made these tacos we’ve indulged in fried chicken livers, sour cream enchiladas & carnitas. I also have a batch of her breakfast sausage in the freezer.
    Let me know what you go for!

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