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Andi’s Honey Baked Chicken

As I sit down to write tonight the kitchen is full of the aromas of cumin, coriander and orange.  Both the dishwasher and the washing machine are chuntering away, I can hear singing from the baby monitor and I have … Continue reading

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Baked Gnocchi with Sausages, Mushrooms & Spinach

The outside of our fridge is covered in paper – shopping lists, menus, recipes, the payment schedule for our childminder, old letters from my father – all held in place with magnetic photographs of my godchildren.  Earlier this month one … Continue reading

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Chicken Fajitas

Today is Shrove Tuesday and it seems as though everybody is talking about making pancakes, making pancakes or blogging about making pancakes.  Jessica and I did get messy with the batter, sprinkled a little sugar and squeezed a lemon, but … Continue reading

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