Chocolate Martinis

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberries...

Bardenay is a bar in downtown Boise, Idaho that’s full of memories.  Its where I wrote my speech the night before my sister’s wedding, where I lost my passport the night before we were due to fly home and where my husband had his first taste of chocolate martinis.

Its been too long since we drank chocolate martinis in Bardenay – a hot, September night three years ago.  Jonathan and I had spent a few weeks getting to know our three month old niece as her mum started back to work for the Special Olympics Winter Games. Perhaps Jonathan had a vision of life to come as he asked the waiter what was in these sweet, rich, alcoholic drinks, determined to recreate them at home.

Coating the rim in chocolate powder

And recreate them we have.  Quite a few times!  As its Christmas, I’ve persuaded Jonathan to share his recipe with you.  A word of warning: these are not for the fainthearted when it comes to alcohol. They are what I like to call a heavy duty cocktail (we estimate about 3 units per 3 fl oz serving).  I prefer to drink mine after dinner as they are rather sweet – I have been known to have one instead of dessert.

The recipe is simple: two parts vanilla vodka to one part creme de cacao, plus a splash of gomme syrup if you have some.  Shake over ice for about 30 seconds a la Tom Cruise and serve in a chocolate-rimmed glass topped with a strawberry.

Merry Christmas!

Vanilla vodka is readily available in many supermarkets; we use Bols Cacao Brown as it is a non-creamy creme de cacao; our chocolate powder is Cadburys Drinking Chocolate & Jonathan uses a strawberry to wet the rim before dipping the glass.


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2 Responses to Chocolate Martinis

  1. Kathryn says:

    Yum! I need to get some creme de cacao as soon as humanly possible so that I can make these! They look delicious (and, by the way, fab photo – I find it really hard to take pictures of drinks!). I think I would probably enjoy one of these after dinner as well, a perfect post-festive meal treat.

    • Nicola says:

      Thank you Kathryn. I knew what I wanted with the photo but the light is so pants at this time of year. Kept moving the glasses round the kitchen trying not to spill anything – eventually I was happy and could have a taste!
      We get our creme de cacao in Fenwicks.

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