Dried Mushrooms

Autumn.  Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  Squashes and parsnips, cabbage and sloes.  And at no 41, six racks of mushrooms drying in the hotpress (see note below).

Dried mushrooms.  I love them.  On a long weekend in Barcelona for our tenth wedding anniversary (a few yeas ago now) I bought bags of them for a couple of euros at La Boqueria, an amazing indoor market.  For a couple of years I was spoilt, adding them to sauces, stocks and stews with barely a thought.

And then they were gone.  Dried mushrooms returned to being a luxury food, purchased only when the budget allowed or my desire for that meaty mushroomy flavour overcame common sense.

So when I happened upon a box of flat mushrooms for merely two pounds in the Grainger Market my mind turned to drying them myself.  A quick look in my reference book, a brief internet search and we were ready to go.

Its very simple really.  Slice your mushrooms, lay them on racks (I used cooling racks) and put them somewhere warm to dry.  The contents of our hotpress were removed to the spare bed and the mushrooms laid in state.  Leave them until they are dry enough to snap, pack them in an airtight jar and store out of direct sunlight.  For us, the spare bed was occupied for a week and now I have two jars of lovely goodness.  I’m off to the Grainger Market for some more – who needs to air clothes in a hotpress anyway?


For those of you unfamiliar with the word, a hotpress is an Irish airing cupboard.

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3 Responses to Dried Mushrooms

  1. Ginge says:

    what’s a hotpress??? Either for clothes or otherwise? we have boxes of falt shrooms for £1 on the high street here. Gx

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