Chicken & Chorizo Toasted Sandwich

In my other world (the one where I’ve married a millionaire and have hair that’s poker straight no matter what the humidity) I am a lady who lunches.  A glass of Chablis?  Why thank you.  Yes, I’ll have the daily special, how is the chef today?  No, these aren’t new shoes, I’m sure I’ve worn them before.

In the real world (the one where I’m constantly chasing laundry and my hair has a life of its own) lunch is a computer game.  You know, that one where you try not to get crumbs on the keyboard.

During the working day I eat for fuel, not pleasure.  Sadly it’s the same at home as in the office.  Today I decided that lunch didn’t need to be boring and dragged my toasted sandwich maker from the back of the drawer.  I layered cooked chicken, chorizo slices, mozzarella and rocket between two slices of granary and closed the lid for about three minutes.  Voila!  Lunch that necessitated a pause to enjoy a spicy, crunchy, stringy, warm sandwich.

No crumbs were dropped on the keyboard during the writing of this post

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