Baked Alaska – A Random Recipe Challenge

This month for his random recipe challenge Dom asked us to delve into our cupboards and pull out an ingredient that had been lurking there for some time.  Fellow random recipe-ites, I have a confession.  I don’t have anything lurking in my cupboards.  What? Is that really true? I hear you ask.

OK, if I’m honest, its not true.  I have a few jars of chutney and a box of waffle ice cream cones – but random recipes isn’t about listing recent cheeses I have eaten and I don’t have an ice cream machine (hint hint Santa).  For a while I thought I’d be sitting out this month – until one morning I found myself taking stock of my freezers.  Yes, you heard correctly – taking stock of my freezers (plural).


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Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Autumn – season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  Of winter coats, socks in boots, and hunting for missing gloves.  Pulling the curtains earlier and earlier, putting on the central heating.  Shaking out the heavy duvet – then a blanket – and another.  Looking out a nightlight for the toddler and explaining for the umpteenth time that she’s going to bed in the dark because the days are shorter.

Of roasting a chicken on Saturday, making stock on Sunday and throwing together a risotto on Monday.

Autumn is welcomed to no 41 with risotto.  Standing, stirring and usually slurping (wine) is a common occurrence on Monday evenings as the weekend’s leftovers are transformed into a dish of comfort food.  This week it was chicken, mushrooms and, somewhat randomly, mangetout.

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Lentil Soup – an Archaeology Gastronomy Recipe

For the last in our Ancient Greece series we looked at more frugal food – poorer people cooked with legumes such as lentils.  This soup is filling; the five cloves of garlic ensure its not bland.  And finally – a dish you can’t eat with your fingers!

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